History of the IHL
The Inwood Hockey League (IHL) commenced play on Monday January 18th, 2010 and the first four teams to take to the ice in the inaugural season had players gracing their rosters that represented every generation of the Inwood Ice Arena men's program.  Back in the 1970's teams like the Wilde-Hammar, Joliet Jets, Malnar's Tap and the Joliet Merchants were the mainstays and by the mid 1980's The Joliet Sticks had taken over competing against teams like the Flyers, Video Vault, Joe's Dugout and Com Ed. 
After fire destroyed the old barn in 1991, the new rink and a whole new generation of players was ready by the summer of  1993.  This was the birth of the Kookie Jar era and arguably what has been the largest organization in Inwood History.  In their heydey, the Kookie Jar had three teams playing at any one time in the league and took a team on the road to tournaments. 
Starting out as the Mustangs and going through several sponsor changes including Holiday Inn before finally becoming M&I Steel in the late  1990's, they were the main competition year in and year out to the Kookie Jar.  Later, after the M&I Steel program was the only team to survive the great collapse of the New Millennium that saw the end of competitive men's hockey in Joliet, they absorbed what was left of the Kookie Jar and other teams of the day including the Powershredders, AFI and Team Pepsi.
During the absence of competitive hockey, Nick Honiotes formed a weekly skate that endured the decade until late 2009 when the idea of organizing into a draft league was formed.  After starting out with 48 skaters in January 2010, the league quickly ballooned to over 100 players that now compete for The Heineken Cup three times per year.       
Commissioner:  Nick Honiotes
Vice President Ice Operations: Dan Hinz
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Inwood Ice Arena
3000 W Jefferson St, Joliet, Il. 60435