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IRHL Looking to expand to 6 teams...Perani's Forward Larry Collins threatens hold out unless website is upgraded...Alan Wyss considers extending contract to stay in IRHL another season...Legend Cup Finals MVP Anthony Pirie hasn't been seen since post championship party with Insomniak teammates...Brent Fraser expected to miss training camp with undisclosed lower body injury he claims he suffered while tripping over Fronek's mullet...Suspensions from the Bozo's Circus riot set to expire...Summer 2012 Rookie class predicted to be deepest ever by league experts...FBI investigating claim that there is one player in the IRHL under 30.   
IRHL Playoffs Fall 2011 Season
Tuesday March 13th 2012 Play-in Game
10:00pm   5th Place RPM Rachke 3 @ Sterr Shamrocks 1 4th Place 

Monday March 19th 2012 Play-off Semi-Final 1
9:15pm  Insomniak Motorworkz 7 @ Millennium Falcons 1

Tuesday March 20th 2012 Play-off Semi-Final 2
10:00pm  RPM Racke 2 @ Paulie's Pub Six 6

Thursday March 22th 2012 IRHL Legend Cup Final
8:15pm Insomniak Motorworkz 6 @ Paulie's Pub Six 3
Sunday May 20th
8:15pm FC Kingstons 3 @ Insomniak 4
9:45pm Millennium Falcons 8 @ RPM Rachke 9

Sunday May 27th

Sunday June 3rd
8:15pm Millennium Falcons 4 @ Sterr Shamrocks  10
9:45pm FC Kingstons  12 @ Paulie's Pub  2

Sunday June 10th
8:15pm Sterr Shamrocks @ Paulie's Pub
9:45pm RPM Rachke @ Insomniak

Sunday June 17th
6:30pm Millennium Falcons @ Paulie's Pub
8:00pm Insomniak Motorworkz @ Sterr Shamrocks
9:30pm RPM Rachke @ FC Kingstons

*Full schedule to follow shortly
The IRHL is open to all players 30 years of age and older.  For any players under the age of 30 wishing to play in the IRHL, must receive a special waiver from league officials.
2012 IRHL Official Rosters
For any questions with rosters email fronekhockey@comcast.net
RPM Rachke
Sterr Shamrocks
FC Kingstons
Paulie's Pub
Millennium Falcons
Insomniak Motorworkz
Burns, Jeff
Hornbuckle, Matt
Fronek, Jerry (GM)
Borgetti, Bob (G)
Blatti, Matt
Abney, Ron
Cutler, Jim
Karstenson, Randy
Herschbach, Ron
Fraser, Brent (GM)
Borgstrom, Jeff
Allison, Joel
Degan, Keith
Krupa, Joe
Lajoi, Jeff
Fronek, Greg
Collins, Larry
Carlton, Adam
Dolezal, Brian
Marszalek, Mike
Maser, Dan
Herbert, Jimmy
Gecas, Scott
Christman, Robert
Foreman, Phil
Merzlock, Paul
McDonald, Matt
Kenny, James
Haas, Corey
Deering, Sean
Hanley, Jeff
Picco, Tim
McDonald, Will
Liebermann, Matt
Harvey, Jason
Foreman, Dan (G)
Hannon, Mike
Rodriguez, Larry
Montgomery, Mike (G)
Paluszek, Alan
Hull, Tony
Glennon, John
Mau, Bob (G)
Russell, David
Myers, Brad
Panizzo, John
Kimball, Bob
Kerkstra, Dan
Miller, Jeff
Sterr, Jeff (GM)
Paquin, Tim
Pitcairn, Tim
Lenci, Bryan (GM)
Kerkstra, Michael
Noon, Kurt
Thorson, Greg
Pirie, Anthony
Shaw, Ryan
Reitz, Lyn (G)
McHugh, Eric
Rachke, Chuck (GM)
Walrath, Jake (G)
Smith, Jim
Slavik, Bill
Shaw, Jeff
Medina, Bryon
Sterioti, Rob
Walsh, Mike
Tennant, Denny
Ward, Marty
Vish, Joe
Moratti, Phil (GM)
Straszewski, Mike
  Wyss, Alan
Russell, Ken
IRHL tonight  Sunday June 10th
Insomniak Opens Legend Cup Defense With Big Win

Insomniak GM Phil Moratti took some heat for the direction he went in the off season after winning the Legend Cup.  While losing 3 top players to free agency including RPM's Mike Hannon, Moratti decided to go after the unknown and  against all wisdom, drafted and signed 9 rookies.  Now, after a 4-3 win in Sunday night's IRHL opener, it appears there is a method to the madness as the Insomniaks looked in mid-season form whilst defeating former teammates Anthony Pirie, Jerry Fronek, Tim Paquin and tender Mike Montgomery.  Four different Insomniaks were credited with goals as Sean Deering, Bryon Medina and Joel Allison scored with Eric McHugh being credited with the game winner.

Millennium Falcons Lose Opener, Franchise now Pursued by Canadian Buyer

The Falcons opened the season with a 9-8 loss to Rachke RPM Sunday night with an extremely short bench and hours later learned they were being shopped to a yet unnamed Canadian buyer.  If sold, the players would have to move out of Han Solo's spaceship.

RPM easliy led the game 5-1 early in the second period when the Falcons Joe Vish caught fire? and led a furious comeback which resulted in the game being tied 8-8 with just over a minute and half left in the 3rd when Mike Hannon scored to win the game for Rachke RPM.  At least this is how we think the game ended...hiccup....